285 Maeda spider crane

Rent our new 285 Maeda spider crane

Our new all Terrain Services Maeda MC 285 Mini Crawler Crane or Spider Crane is the most versatile mini crawler with a narrow body width of 750mm which will fit through a standard doorway. It has an impressive lifting capacity of 2.82 Tons and lifting height of 8.7 meters combined with programmable moment limiter and remote control operation for complete operator safety and efficiency.

access-through-doorways rooftop-glass-install-from-roof

It comes with some cool features:

Compact Body
The 3 smaller models with a body width of only 590mm ~ 750mm can travel through a standard single door for indoor use.
Equipped with crawlers, travelling into confined area where bigger cranes or truck cranes cannot access is an easy job for the Maeda spider cranes.

Electric Motor
The optional electric motor ensures work can be carried out cleanly indoors without any concern for gas emissions.

Light Weight
Compact and light weight, mini spider cranes can be lifted up to a site by larger cranes or service elevators, then often used for various construction works such as material handling and curtain wall lifting from inside buildings or on roof tops.

By stabilizing the body with its four outriggers, lifts of up to 8.0t can be carried out. Even on a site with obstacles or on steps, outriggers make stable lifting work possible.

And much more…

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